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Spring clothing picks for boys

Choosing clothes for boys is so tough, there’s not the choice available that there is for girls at reasonable prices .My sons not sporty and doesn’t want to wear tracksuits, trainers football tops ect. He’s also very confident off the style he wants to wear, here’s some if our spring picks

We’re off to keep searching for unique clothing.

If anyone can’t point me in the direction of boys clothing especially colourfully, please comment below.



childrens fashion · family · fashion

Autumn boys clothes

Autumn is my favourite time of year for clothes buying. I love buying children clothes but boys clothing can be quite boring and repetitive and my son loves bright clothing.

Now he’s older and has  opinions on what he wants to wear and what’s cool I quite often find my self negotiating on clothes to find items we both like.

Below are some of our favourite pieces this autumn.

autum blog postDr martin turtle boot

coatmonsoon boys duffle coat

5971760703_1_1_1Zara pants these come in a choice of 5 colours £12.99

8574768802_1_1_1 Zara corduroy pants (which are so soft) £16.99

5536767922_1_1_1zara long cardigan £19.99