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Christmas gifts for gamer

Christmas gifts have been so hard this year. He is still wrapped up in the magic of Santa (long may it continue) but he wants¬† all computer games which come in such small boxes. From watching YouTube he is requesting things that haven’t ye landed in the uk which is even harder.

here’s things that are on our wish list for my gamer


xbox one Scorpio edition

What’s in the box: Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition 1TB Console, Project Scorpio Edition Wireless Controller, Xbox One X Vertical Stand, 1 month Game Pass subscription trial, 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial, HDMI cable (4K capable), AC Power cable
Games play better on Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition. Experience 40% more power than any other console
Custom design console for the biggest fans, “Project Scorpio” inscribed on the console and controller
6 teraflops of graphical processing power and a 4K Blu-ray player provide more immersive gaming and entertainment.
Play with the greatest community of gamers on the most advanced multiplayer network
Works with all your Xbox One games and accessories
Great for 1080p screens – games run smoothly, look great, and load quickly

I pre-ordered this from Argos

hello neighbour rrp: £29.99 game

currently out of stock on amazon


Pokémon ultra moon. having just completed Pokémon sun he cant wait to try the ultramoon version

cheapest I’ve found is on amazon ¬£32.00 free delivery if you have amazon prime.

yo kai

Yo-kai watch 3ds game.

we often play these together and I love the way you have to problem solve.

£29.99 amazon prime


we have just set up his own YouTube channel more information on another blog post and have purchased one of these above to record his game play.

purchased from amazon £69.99 reduced from £89.99 and free delivery with prime.

hope these give you some idea and fab ideas please let me know

happy shopping.

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