Fridge fried rice 

Fast quick and healthy 
I use any left over veg that’s in the fridge or frozen veg works just as good. 

75g rice ( I use brown)

150ml water

Mixed veg

2x eggs 

Veg oil

Soya sauce 

Spices to flavour

Measure the rice 

Rinse in a shiv in cold water 

Transfer the rice ton pan add the water and. bring to the boil, once the water is boiling reduce to simmer and let the water evaporate. Once the water has disappeared and the rice is dry transfer the rice to a bowl and leave to cool. 

Add all the chopped veg ( I used carrots, celery,spring onions, garlic , pepper) but you can use anything you like. 

Add a dash of oil to the work and start to cook the veg once the veg had softened add the cold rice and stir fry. Flavour the rice to you taste using spices we added chilli powder, black pepper and a little paprika. Add soya sauce to taste I always add a little and the serve some on the table if people want more. 

While stir fry the veg and rice which the eggs together and add to a frying pan making a omelette once cooked through slice the egg and add it to the fried rice, then serve this can gf served as a side dish or a main. 

It’s full of protein , veg and carbs perfect for a growing family and the above will easily feed four. 

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