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Mario kart 8 Nintendo switch

we pre-ordered this game when we bough the switch. bit of a drama as in a unorganised mum mode I lost the receipt which showed my hubby had paid for the game in full. oopps. Not wanting to admit it I rushed to game as soon as the game came out while pretending I was doing the banking for work. I said to the guy I’ve lost the receipt we for the game he looked at me blankly and said sorry love nothing I can do. WHAT…. I said you best find it or get your manager we paid for this on the night the switch launched it was you who served us and we was the only on here with a 7yr old as it was a school night (high-five to home-school). After what felt like hours was probably 10 minutes he arrived back with the game and said oh yes sorry it had your name on in the back handed me the game and I turned and walked off. ughh for not the best service even though it was my fault were not in the stone age now we have computers. Drama over.

I love this game on the wii-u and we spend many nights having family gaming night. There’s something about the switch that I’m disappointed with I feel like I’m rebuying all the games we have on the wii-u. they have small little extras on. Mario kart is a great family game and you can have hours of fun. would we rebuy it to play on the switch I asked issy (my little boy) he said no I just feel its a shame that the games we have for the wii-u aren’t compatible. we’ve also purchased lego city again we have played the full game in one player mode on the wii-u but as the second player during story mode there is a lot of time spent sat around waiting for the other play to complete the tasks.

we still have some ew games to play and have platoons on re order which were really looking forward to. Issy has plans o start his own gaming channel in the summer so hopefully he will be able to review the games for you.


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